How to fight Jamaica’s culture of murder!

1990 was the turning point, the murder rate rose above 500 people. Since then the figures have only increased, and increased to the level where murder and violence have become a part of the culture. A culture spanning almost 3 decades, can certainly not be changed in a few years. It will certainly require at-least another 3 decades to change the culture from one of murder to one peace.

We have to connect the dots to eradicate this culture of violence and murder. Corruption, has allowed crime to take root and has been a main contributor to our high crime and murder rate. Corruption fueled by political and financial greed for has been the cause (in my opinion) or at-least a major contributor to our very high crime and murder rate.

Traditional crime fighting methods alone won’t produce long term, we will need a multi-prong approach. In addition, to traditional crime fighting methods, we have to also tackle corruption and most importantly we will need a cultural change where crime and murder is concern. We will need to tackle music that glorifies murders and murderers. We need to start with the children at the basic school levels, implement programs like guides and scouts. Have corner league community sports programs. We will certainly need a strong community base program. Youths should be retained to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

2 thoughts on “How to fight Jamaica’s culture of murder!”

  1. Steve, very well put together report of Crime over the ages. You are correct Crime and Violence is not an overnight problem. We have been experiencing its exponential growth for decades. I am in total agreement with you that traditional Crime Fighting Methods will not be able to stop this type of crime. Yes, we need a Cultural Shift in order to tackle this one. In fact we have to start from the homes/neighborhoods, to the schools, places of Worship, Community Centers, Dance Halls and Entertainment Centers; in short everywhere persons interact to begin to tame this monster and ALL Jamaicans have get on this train, Amen!!!

    1. Thanks for contributing. You are correct, we will need to go everywhere persons interact, in-fact we require a paradigm shift regarding Jamaicans view on corruption & crime, and yes we need to go everywhere people interact. Thanks again.

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